As with many things it’s buyer beware when it comes to auto glass repair and replacement.  Many providers focus on nothing more than being the lowest cost provider.  In today’s business environment, being the cost leader many times means sacrificing quality, service, and warranty.  Many shops will also provide mobile service when it’s unsafe, or when the weather is too bad for a quality installation.  Some companies also use the lowest quality adhesives on the market to do installations.  We will not waiver in our commitment to providing the safest, highest quality auto glass repair and replacement available.

Here are things to ask when you have an auto glass need:

  • Do you have Certified Technicians?
  • Do you use original adhesives?
  • Do you have a Written Warranty?
  • Do you use Original Manufacturer Products?
  • Do you have a shop where I can bring my car for repair?
  • Do you provide mobile service when the weather is bad?
  • When can I safely drive my car after a replacement?
  • Will you advise me of any unique features of my car?

Why are these important? These questions are the key to the safest and highest quality auto glass replacements available to you.  If a shops customer service representative can’t answer these knowledgably or to your satisfaction, keep looking until you find a shop that makes you comfortable.

Certification means that the technician is trained and equipped to do the best installation possible. 

The use of original products and adhesives is the shops commitment to the best quality in the marketplace. 

A written warranty is the shops commitment to take care of any issues that could arise from a glass replacement. 

An actual physical location is important because many companies only provide mobile service. 

Mobile service does not always allow for the safest and highest quality installation. Especially when the weather is bad or when the vehicle is best serviced in the shop. 

Adhesives require time to dry.  The temperature affects drying time, or the length of time before it is safe to drive your car.  No auto glass urethane will dry below 45 degrees, which is why an actual shop is needed when the weather is bad.

PLEASE ask these questions to insure that you are receiving a safe and quality glass replacement!

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